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A good company doesn’t just do good work. They also understand that when dealing with customers, it’s oftentimes the little things that make a big difference. You should find a contractor that shows you respect by the way they treat you, the way they look, the way they treat your property, and how they pay attention to details.

What To Look For: Worker Conduct Agreement
Why It’s Important: This compliance agreement, signed by the workers, is a contract prohibiting the use of alcohol, drugs, foul language, misconduct, or other bad behavior on a job site. It also gives appearance standards. Keep in mind that not everything is perfect but this agreement will greatly reduce the likelihood of problems.

What To Look For: Bid Specifications
Why It’s Important: Many people are unaware that there are varying levels of job bid specifications. Most contractors provide no written bid or basic receipt or invoice. The minimum you should accept is a bid, which details the type and amount of materials to be used. Even better than a bid is a formal writtten estimate with a detailed scope which lists measurements, and details the type and amount of materials to be used. Always make sure the bid has the contractor’s signature on it.

What To Look For: No Sales Pressure Agreement
Why It’s Important: Many unethical contractors will resort to high-pressure sales tactics to get you to buy before you’ve had an opportunity to do proper due diligence on them. If you know nothing about the contractor prior to the sales call (from literature, references, online information), and they give you a low-ball price “but only if you buy right this minute,” you should be wary. Any time you feel uncomfortable or unduly pressured in a sales environment, you should ask the contractor to “back off.” Reputable companies will have a no-tricks, no-pressure sales pledge signed by the owner, sales manager, and each sales associate.

What To Look For: Job Site Cleanup Roster
Why It’s Important: Your home and yard should be cleared of large debris, and dangerous materials daily by the crew. After the job is completed, a total clean-up should take place, including nail/screw pickup and removal of any hazardous materials in your house or yard. Make sure your contractor has a pre-determined daily job site cleanup routine, and a more thorough cleanup routine upon completion of the job.

[ pro·fes·sion·al·ism (n.) Professional status, methods, character, or standards; the expertness characteristic of a professional person. ]
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Exceeded Our Expectations
We hired Sonny to hang cedar siding on our home. His work exceeded our expectations. Not only did he do an impeccable job as a carpenter but he was also very organized and clean. We then asked him to remodel our kitchen. Again Sonny did a superb job! His craftsmanship is splendid. Sonny is an honest, dependable worker. We highly recommend Sonny for your next remodeling job. Matt and Laura Horn

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