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What is an Artifex Insider?
What is an Artifex Insider?
 The Artifex Insider Program is a fantastic way for Artifex Contractors and Insiders to work as a team to help maintain the home. Register below and you'll receive updates on the specials listed below and others as the seasons change. Don't worry, we won't flood your inbox with spam! We'll send you an email every month or so to keep you updated on the latest Insider Deals.
Your registration is FREE and will translate to BIG SAVINGS throughout the year!
Insider Deal
Insider Deal

Your house needs to breathe. Seriously, it's a huge problem in both new homes (15 years) and older homes with energy efficient upgrades. The house envelope is so tight, added ventilation is necessary to keep your house healthy and comfortable. The best solution is a balanced 2-to-1 vented soffit to ridge vent ratio static ventilation system. Unbaffled and internal baffled ridge vent are low end options while externally baffled ridge vent is the best, most effective option. See where this is going? That's right, as an Artifex Insider,  if you book your ridge vent installation between the dates above, you get an upgrade to the ShingleVent II externally baffled ridge vent for the same price as unbaffled rolled ridge vent!
Don't wait! Call now and reserve your spot on the schedule before the heat hits :)

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We hired Sonny to hang cedar siding on our home. His work exceeded our expectations. Not only did he do an impeccable job as a carpenter but he was also very organized and clean. We then asked him to remodel our kitchen. Again Sonny did a superb job! His craftsmanship is splendid. Sonny is an honest, dependable worker. We highly recommend Sonny for your next remodeling job. Matt and Laura Horn

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